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Last year, the world’s tallest modular building was debuted in Brooklyn, New York. It’s exciting to see the advancements modular building is making.

World’s Tallest Modular Building

The apartment building is 32 stories and is equipped with a yoga lounge and a gym. It has over 300 rooms for occupants to live in and has amazing views from both directions.

There’s no way to know that this building is modular from looking at it. It looks like an upper-class apartment building that was built like any other complex.

While the builders of this project took longer than expected and went over budget, this is not the typical result for modular builds. For most, modular building is a more affordable solution.

The apartments are at a lower cost than the median rent for Brooklyn. That means that more modular building could help with the housing boom across the country and bring more affordable housing.

To see what the building looks like, here’s a new clip.