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Modular home building is a process that lets the home buyer customize their home and have it built in a factory instead of onsite. The locations vary and the options are virtually endless.

Where Can You Build Modular Homes?

The great thing about modular home building is that you can build your dream home and put it anywhere you’d like.

There does not need to be a designated spot where only modular homes can be built. If there is an open lot, we can put a modular home there.

When people think of modular homes, they tend to think of mobile homes. However, we are home builders that are changing the common perception of modular homes.

For Irontown Homes specifically, we build mostly in the Western United States, even though we’re based in Utah. California, Nevada, Arizona, etc. are not off limits since we can build any type of home in our factory.

Additionally, you can build in remote areas in the desert, like Moab, or in suburbs, or in the country.

We want to help you find the best location and build your home to put it where you want!

Look through our portfolio to see all of the locations we’ve already delivered homes to.