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Currently a $10 billion business, the smart home industry is expected to explode into a $44 billion industry by 2017.

And the growth is expected to be seen front and center in modular homes.

If you’re looking for a typical manufactured home with little to no style, few additional features with zero options for customization and advanced technology, you can still find one.

But that’s not all you’ll be limited to any longer.

Home Automation Goes Modular from Control4 on Vimeo.

Today’s manufactured homes are no longer only simple, boring designs with limited options. And today’s technology offers even more benefits for building smart modular homes.

In fact, in today’s modular construction world with homes often confused as being bland and limited, you can fully customize every aspect of your home while building for complete sustainability in a home loaded with the most advanced technology available.

Modular homes, homes primarily built in a factory and shipped by module to the final home site and also referred to as prefabricated homes, are some of the most energy-efficient, sustainable structures available.

And they are no longer limited in size or style or technology. Irontown Homes, builds custom modular homes anywhere from a few hundred square feet to several thousand while focusing on the home’s sustainability and convenience through available technology.

Irontown Homes has been building homes with sustainability in mind for more than a decade. Irontown Homes utilizes sustainable materials, builds in a climate-control factory to reduce waste and significantly limits on-site construction pollution.

In her most recent book titled Prefabulous World, Sherri Koones wrote, “In addition to saving time and money and reducing site disturbance, prefabrication saves materials . . . The benefits of prefabrication are numerous and always evolving.”

Irontown Homes has turned to home automation to further increase the home’s sustainability. Irontown Homes recently teamed with Control4, a leader in home automation technology, to fully integrate the most advanced technology in a modular guest home designed by OKB Architecture that was featured during PCBC 2014 in San Francisco, Calif.

“We want to demonstrate what modular can be like,” said Irontown Homes business developer Kam Valgardson.

Skylights, shades, lighting, temperature controls, security cameras, home locks and the entertainment system can be fully automated and operated using a mobile phone or tablet.

“The house represents the latest in construction technology and in smart home technology, the marriage between the two technologies, said Paul Williams, VP of Security and Communications at Control4. “These aren’t your grandmother’s homes, they are green efficient and secure and affordable.”

The guest home was designed to utilize the sun’s energy in the most efficient possible way. As the temperature rises, the home will adjust the shades, windows and lighting and as the temperature drops, the home will adjust.

The home was built with sustainable features including weathered barnwood siding, a weathering steel roof, thermally broken Western Windows and Ductless 23 SEER heating and cooling with BIBS (Blown in Blanket System) exterior wall insulation.

“The U.S. and other countries around the world are becoming increasingly conscious of saving energy and using more environmentally friendly materials and systems,” Koones said in a recent interview with Forbes.com. “Each time I write another book I find the bar has been raised higher, as houses are built with less waste and more efficiency. I hope that readers see how easy it is to build a beautiful house that requires less energy to operate and uses fewer resources. The world has a limited amount of resources available to us. If we squander them, we are hurting our children and our children’s children.”

Irontown Homes is constantly working toward building more sustainable homes that are Energy Star Certified and meet LEED Platinum standards while including the latest advancements in home technology.