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Irontown Homes is excited to be featured in Sheri Koones latest book Prefabulous World.

Our Martis Camp Cabin built in Truckee, California is profiled among 50 other homes shown in the book. Koones profiles perfab homes in 19 countries in the book that was released April 15.

Martis Camp Prefabulous World

Prefabulous World by Sheri Koones

The book details both the extensive green building features from the electronic air cleaner that captures and removes 99.7 percent of all pollutant air particles to the FSC-certified flooring and more. You can also read about the cabin’s key energy-efficient features in the six pages detailing the construction process and the purpose of different aspects utilized in the home.

As a journalist and author, Koones has been a prefab home advocate for years. She’s written several additional books about the benefits of building a modular home.

In Prefabulous World, she writes, “Prefabrication has been my mantra for a long time because it is such a superior way to build. In addition to saving time and money and reducing site disturbance, prefabrication save materials . . . The benefits of prefabrication are numerous and always evolving.”

Prefabulous World and Koones other books can be purchased on her site by clicking here.