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Factory-built homes have been around since the 1950’s. As is true with any industry, a streamline factory process increases efficiency, quality and saves money. The concept works for all other industries, why not home building?

Prefab Interior


Each Irontown Home goes through an arduous design process individually engineered for your exact site. Many design factors are considered for each project. For example, each home has to be designed and built to withstand a 500+ mile journey as well as being craned over 50 feet in the air. Because of these demands , stronger components and details are added to each home. Your home is designed around your site’s snow load, wind load, seismic zone and soils conditions.

Irontown will design both your foundation and home so that all of these factors work together.


At Irontown Homes we pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship. Our factory setting allows for increased quality control over site-built construction. With a site built home you may have your contractor on site every couple of days if you’re lucky. Juggling other site projects and traveling between each project means that you don’t always have someone watching over your project. This leaves your project vulnerable to details being missed, vandalism or materials being stolen.

Our factory setting also eliminates risks of the elements including weather delays and weather damage. At Irontown we have an unsurpassed advantage with everyone in one single location. Your project manager, design team and construction team are all under one roof. Things can happen quickly and precisely.

It’s like having your contractor, designer, the company owner, and their entire office on your job all day every day.

Cost Savings:

Irontown Homes has streamlined the building process that results in huge savings for you. With factory building we can control every aspect of the construction. You can receive huge savings from site building when you don’t have traveling costs for subcontractors, project delays from weather, material delays, fuel surcharges and all of the other unknown costs of site building. With the factory environment all of the tools and materials are onsite and our skilled tradesman can get started immediately, not wasting any time or money with set up or clean up or leaving the job to go to another site.

When compared to site building, factory building gives you the advantage of your project being built in a controlled environment, with material waste reduction and fixed budgets. With our enclosed environment we completely eliminate many of the risk factors that can be huge costs to your construction project. Weather delays, weather damage, theft, vandalism damage and prolonged security costs can cost you thousands on a project.

Irontown is committed to protecting the environment and reducing the unneeded waste factors affiliated with construction. With our precise inventory control program we can regulate and control unused materials and use those resources on other projects. With site built homes waste gets hauled off to our local landfills. With Irontown, we try to use every bit of scrap material left behind. Waste not, want not.

Time Savings:

Time is money! When that money is yours we understand it’s important. We understand you work hard for your money and you deserve every effort made to save it for you. With site built construction there may be surprises around every corner that cost you money. Construction loan interest can add up quickly and be a substantial cost for the project. If you can cut those costs it can mean huge savings. The quicker your family can start building their memories, the better.

Don’t settle for the old standard of building.
Join Irontown with a new standard for better, quicker construction.