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In late 2016 we assembled a beautiful home in Park City, Utah. While it may not have looked like a spectacular home while being built, the end result was beautiful.

To begin, we had to use cranes on a narrow street to lift each segment of the house into place. We also had large semi-trucks carry each module to the home, which made it tricky on a narrow street. However, we managed to do it and still allowed other cars to get through!

Beginning Phase:

The module was so heavy that it lifted the back wheels of the crane off the ground.
Getting close to glass means that we need to be extra careful.
Coming in!

These modules truly are massive compared to a person.

End result:

Beautiful Mountain Home
Modular home in the mountains!

As you can see, modular homes can be stunning and high-end homes. If you didn’t know it was a modular home beforehand, it would’ve been hard to believe that it is one.

We love the outcome of this home and we hope we can help you build your own!