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We recieve many phone calls and emails asking how we are different and why you should trust Irontown to build your dream home and the biggest investment of your life.


There are only a few actual prefab home factories in the west and many will only work through a dealer and not direct with the public. Irontown sees the benefit in streamlining the communication and also performs many in-house services from prefab financing and design to performing all of the site work. Irontown offers firm pricing and no surprises, don’t be fooled by others that only give you a piece of the puzzle.

By working with consumers, we understand the entire process of building and finishing your home and that makes a difference in the cost of your home and the time it takes to get it completed. Our experience gives us a distinctive edge to help you get in to the home you really want that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.

25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Experience Makes the Difference

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Irontown has maintained growth and strengthened their position during the worst economic downturn in history.

Many factories have shut their doors during this time. Irontown has been able to sustain the downturn and now prevails as the leader in the high end modular industry. We have done this by “doing what we say we’ll do.” Much of our work comes from referrals from past clients. We truly love building homes and building relationships with our customers . . . and it shows in our details and quality. Every prefab home is built to the same quality we would expect in our own homes.


With Irontown’s many in-house services including prefab home design services, engineering services, financing coordination, state and local approval coordination, transportation, foundation and site work completion, we are able to take your project from start to complete finish. This will reduce your headache managing various contractors and help you with fixed costs and firm home pricing.


Prefab homes have evolved extremely over the last 10 years. Irontown has been at the forefront of this evolving industry with our willingness to see a need and meet it. With years of experience as a site builder, Irontown’s owner was able to modify any floor plan and build it in the factory with while meeting higher quality and integrity standards of a site built home, while saving the customer valuable time and money. Irontown can take any home design and build it as a modular home with few adjustments.

This has opened the market to high end homes with beautiful designs. The largest single family residence built to date was 9,000 sqft with 15 modules and 22′ tall ceilings. We’re proving anything is possible with modular home construction.