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Irontown is set apart from other factories by offering our clients the chance to customize every detail of their home.  Our process for building a home is designed to make this exciting project go smoothly.  While in the planning stages we want you to be creative with your home’s details while maintaining goals and expectations that are realistic for your timeline and budget.

Fast Track Program

Our new Fast Track Program provides owners with the opportunity to start building right away by choosing a plan that is pre-engineered and pre-designed.  Each plan uses the same quality standards and flexibility of any of our projects, but it has a shorter construction timeline.  When you have completed the selection phase, construction can begin immediately to put your home on the track of fast completion.

Custom Plans

Shop Drawings: You can give the reigns over to your creativity during this stage as you plan your custom luxury home.  Shop drawing has two stages: preliminary planning and full set planning.  The first stage creates a basic version of your floor plan.  You get to decide where windows, walls, and doors will be placed, specific elevations, and many other details.  When everything has been decided in the preliminary stage we move on to the full set planning stage.  This stage deals with the technical aspects and adds details that will make the construction process smoother.  These details cover a large range including cross sections and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans.

Specification and Selections: Picking your home’s styles, colors, features, and fixtures is the most exciting stage of the home planning process.  This stage starts with a standard selection package which you can customize down to the very last detail; we do not glaze over any details.  During this process our design team is right there with you to help you choose what upgrades and options are best for your budget.  Our large range of options includes many styles that have attractive features at reasonable costs.  You can simply enjoy this stage because we are there to help you at each step of this stage.

Structural Engineering: When the plans get approved they move on to engineering where a state licensed engineer determines the requirements of the structure, performs load calculations, and provides the plans for floor framing, roof framing, foundation, the truss layout, and the structural detail.  These details include exposure to wind, the roof load, seismic elements, and soil conditions.  This stage does require the client to provide the factory with the Geo-tech soils report and tepo map in advance.  The complete detailed foundation plan is also created during this stage, and it includes stem wall height, footing, sizes, widths, and other details.

Permitting and Approval: Every pre-fab home we build has to go through the State approval process and the Local Building Department approval process to receive a building permit.  (This excludes Utah and Wyoming.)  Irontown works on the modular portion of the State Division process, and we can also complete the local department’s modular portion as well.  We also make sure to prepare a Rescheck for or Title 24, which is an energy conservation report, when they are required.

Factory Construction: At first this stage sounds a little daunting, but it is relatively simple for our clients.  Since they have already made the decisions, we can get to work on construction your home.  As we build your home we give you progress updates all the time.  We also have a special spot on our website where you can always watch your home being built in the factory.  Throughout the construction process there will be inspections and fund draws.  You can come to the factory as often or infrequently as you want.  The only required visit is the final inspection once your home is completed.

Site and Stitch Work: Our factory is the only one in the west that uses an in-house turnkey building process, which means we can go through each stage of the process or we can do a single stage if you prefer.  For your convenience we can install the foundation and do the site work while your home is being built in the factory which saves time and money.  We always are thrilled to help each of our clients through the building process and to stand by their side as their dream luxury home comes together.  We are committed to our clients’ happiness and helping them build their perfect home.