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Spanish Fork, UT–Irontown Homes announced that the execution of a letter of intent with The Asthma & Allergy Prevention Company (AAPC). The intent lays out the plans for Irontown to include AAPC’s medical devices in their modular homes. These plans will hopefully be extended into a final contract once AAPC closes financing to build its Medical Device Demonstration Home.

Irontown Homes is an upscale modular home manufacturer and designer. Homes are built in a controlled warehouse to about 90% completion, where they are then taken to the home site and assembled there. California-based homeowners are the primary customers of the Western market. Homes include single-family homes, multifamily apartments, and duplexes.

AAPC is a medical device startup company in McClellan, CA. They are currently developing and planning to sell Syntopical Systems in the future. These systems provide whole-house indoor therapeutic environmental control medical devices. The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to clear this home-based prevention of certain human lethal and chronic respiratory diseases.

The letter of intent anticipates that Irontown will act as a supplier of modular homes designed and built to incorporate AAPC’s medical devices.

Kam Valgardson, Irontown’s General Manager, and Vice President stated:

“Irontown is impressed by the vision and goal of AAPC of healthcare benefits from therapeutically linking the home to the healthcare system. As a leading manufacturer of custom modular homes, Irontown has the capacity and expertise to design, build, and deliver our homes incorporating AAPC’s medical devices. We realize that AAPC’s development cycle as a medical device startup is imposing and risky. But we are in this with them for the longer term and look forward to assisting AAPC where we can in its gaining regulatory approvals and first sales. The letter of intent envisions a win-win-win deal for Irontown, AAPC and the healthcare system. We at Irontown look forward to working closely with Frank Hagie and AAPC and its team so focused on helping patients.”

AAPC’s Co-Founder, President, and CEO, Frank Hagie acted as the negotiator in the letter of intent with Irontown.

“We have anticipated that the Syntopical SystemsTM will be compatible for installation and operation in both new and remodeled homes. With this letter of intent, Irontown and AAPC boldly plan that AAPC’s medical devices going forward will also be designed and developed for inclusion in Irontown’s custom modular homes. Such inclusion will engage Irontown’s acclaimed design expertise, manufacturing capacity, and quality control with our pioneering medical devices. And thereby bringing the predicted expansive suite of benefits of modular homes with our medical devices to patients, physicians, hospitals, medical insurers and other healthcare stakeholders. AAPC expects to be a long term and valued customer of Irontown. On behalf of the entire AAPC team, we welcome Kam Valgardson, and his entire Irontown team. We are a much better company from this association.”