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Interest in modular construction is growing according to the Modular Building Institute.

In a recent release, the MBI is reporting unprecedented interest in both multi-family and commercial projects and modular construction in general with more architects, landowners and homebuilders searching for a better building process for completing construction projects.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of conferences, summits, and shows with a modular construction theme,” said MBI Executive Director To Hardiman in the release. “From for profit conference planners to universities and other trade groups, modular construction is a red hot topic for conferences.”

The International Builders Show and PCBC are just two of many shows, conferences or summits featuring modular construction. Other groups discussing modular construction include MBI’s annual “World of Modular” Conference, Oregon Best and Associated General Contractors.

And while discussion and interest grows in the industry, universities across the United States and Canada are teaching modular construction to architect, engineering and construction management students. The MBI is working to fuel the education process with a program called “Partners in Education” to help enhance the relationship between the modular industry and schools throughout North America.

In a separate report prepared by the MBI, an ad hoc committee appointed by the National Research Council to provide advice for advancing the competitiveness and productivity of the U.S. construction industry identified five breakthroughs to improve efficiency and productivity including, “Greater use of prefabrication, preassembly, modularization, and off-site fabrication techniques and processes.”

The report also states, “These techniques offer the promise (if used appropriately) of lower project costs, shorter schedules, improved quality, and more efficient use of labor and materials.”

The Modular Building Institute, founded in 1983, is the only non-profit trade association serving the modular construction industry.