SledHaus Debut at International Sportsmen’s Expo


Last week, SledHaus, a new project building tiny luxury cabins, made its debut at the International Sportsmen’s Expo. We had an overwhelming turnout that made us even more excited about sharing our product with you. Sledhaus will bring a new aspect of living outdoors to the market and get customers excited about using their recreational […]

SledHaus Designs For Recreational Property Owners


SledHaus is a new company that we are excited about! The company builds tiny luxury homes that are affordable, comfortable, and well, luxurious! SledHaus gears its products towards recreational property owners who do not want to drive an RV back and forth or sleep in a tent when they’re out on a weekend getaway. With […]

Modular Home Building Overview

Modular home building is not a new process, even though it may seem like a newer and upcoming fad. In reality, modular home building has been around for hundred of years in different forms and for different uses. For various reasons, companies from hotels to banks have chosen to go modular, as well as home […]

Park City Home Building Process

In late 2016 we assembled a beautiful home in Park City, Utah. While it may not have looked like a spectacular home while being built, the end result was beautiful. To begin, we had to use cranes on a narrow street to lift each segment of the house into place. We also had large semi-trucks […]

Modular Home Delivery

Building modular homes in a factory and then delivering them to locations a few states away can be difficult. Modular home delivery can be an intricate process that is quite amazing. Modular Home Delivery While all of our homes are built in Utah, not all of them are delivered here. Many are in California, which […]

How Builders Go Green with Modular Homes

Modular homes are up and coming in the building world for many reasons. One of the reasons is how builders go green with modular homes. They can be more environmentally friendly and leave a smaller footprint on the Earth. How Builders Go Green with Modular Homes Modular home builder Michelle Kauffmann recently sat down for […]

Modular Home: The Ultimate Kitchen

Modular home building is fun and exciting because of all the endless possibilities there are. You can do a regular sized home as well as smaller, unique homes made just for you. The Ultimate Kitchen Tiny homes are becoming more popular, with TV shows showcasing them and people trying to be more minimalistic. One of […]

Where Can You Build Modular Homes?

Modular home building is a process that lets the home buyer customize their home and have it built in a factory instead of onsite. The locations vary and the options are virtually endless. Where Can You Build Modular Homes? The great thing about modular home building is that you can build your dream home and […]

Design Options for Modular Homes

A common misconception about modular homes is that they come in just a couple sizes and there’s not much uniqueness to them. That is not true in the slightest since most people could not differentiate a modular home from one built on-site. Design Options for Modular Homes Essentially there is no on-site home that can’t […]

Modular Home Building Process

For some, modular home building does not quite make sense in their mind. The modular home building process is something that needs to be seen to believe sometimes. The process starts with you. We listen to what you want, down to the tiniest details, and draw up plans for your new home. What starts as […]