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In the 1950’s homes began to be built in factories.  We have discovered that streamlining the building process at the factory saves everyone money and makes home building more efficient.


When an Irontown home is built it undergoes a rigorous process for engineering for each specific building site.  During the engineering process many factors are taken into account, such as the site’s soil content, estimated annual wind and snow presence, and the position in an earthquake zone.  This information is at the center of the foundation design process the make sure it is perfect for the site’s environment.  We feel this is important because there is no good standard for every area.  Foundations need to be designed differently according to soil type.  We apply this same concept to all areas of a home.  Our attention and consideration of detail will help you design a home that will be safe and sturdy, no matter where the site is located.


Building in our factory makes quality control simpler which is an essential part of our building process.  Site construction of homes is a little less certain than our factory built homes because there isn’t always someone on site.  Site construction contractors have to travel from site to site, which leaves the site more open to mistakes, thievery, and vandalism.  This situation leaves day to day decisions and details up to the subcontractors and this can cause negative results.  Working in one factory gives Irontown an advantage because all the members of your team, including your project manager, are all at the same site.  Being in close proximity allows your team to collaborate efficiently so the building process is quick and accurate.  It is similar to having your project manager at your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cost Savings:

Our efficient streamline process is sure to save you a lot.  The factory’s controlled environment helps us save you money by eliminating delays due to weather, subcontractors traveling costs, delays concerning materials, and many other costs of strictly on-site construction.  Our factory allows our skilled workers to start right away with all the necessary tools provided to them.  There are no delays for setting up and cleaning up at the end of the day.

Building your home in a factory not only provides control over almost every aspect of the project, but it also reduces material waste and allows for a fixed budget.  Since each home is built in the factory it is protected from external issues, such as damage from weather, vandalism, and theft.  This alone can save you thousands of dollars.  Part of our mission at the factory is to protect our environment by reducing the amount of construction waste.  Our special inventory control program assists us in regulating materials that go unused and direct them to projects that need them.  Unlike most site construction that dumps its waste into a landfill, Irontown uses all of the scraps left over from a home in any way possible.

Since market values and costs vary between cities and even within a single city, the savings vary between homes.  On average, we save our clients 10 to 15%, but in the past some clients have saved up to 50%.

Time Savings:

At Irontown Homes we realize that your times is as precious as your hard earned money, and we are committed to saving you as much time as possible.  Standard site construction is vulnerable to surprises that can waste time and money.  Also the longer construction goes on the higher the interest on a construction loan gets which only adds to your bill.  We know you are eager to begin making memories in your new home, so why not come explore Irontown Homes where we value your interests, efficiency, and quick and quality construction projects.