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Why Build With Irontown Homes

Irontown Homes stands out as the most versatile modular home builder in the Western United States. We’ve made it our mission to build the absolute highest-quality homes available.

We build your home in our Irontown factory. Our process offers several advantages over traditional stick home builders and advantages over other modular home builders. Irontown Homes is the best choice when it comes to building your home because of all we offer, including:

  • Experience
  • Quality
  • A Faster Building Process
  • More Environmentally Friendly Building
  • Location and Facilities
  • Predictability 

Experience Building Modular

With more than 25 years of building modular homes, you won’t find another modular homebuilder with as much experience as you get with Irontown Homes.

We encourage every one of our clients to utilize our experience to understand the modular home building process and get the most out of building in this innovative way. That experience also helps us make your home building experience more convenient and as simple as possible.

Quality Prefab Home Construction

Each project Irontown works on meets or exceeds the highest construction standards. We take great pride in our arduous engineering, strict quality control, and quality assurance process to ensure your project is structurally superior in every way possible.

Faster Home Building Process

Stick-built homes can take months and months to complete. Building in the Irontown factory can speed up completion in as little as half the time. Building inside limits weather delays and construction surprises. Let us build your new home. We’ll help you save time and money.

Better for the Environment | Built-in Energy Savings

We focus on building homes that are better for the environment. From our building process that reduces waste and utilizes resources efficiently to your completed home, we ensure your environmental impact is minimal. Modular homes are also the best option for keeping energy and utility costs lower throughout the lifetime of your home.


Predictability in the Home Building Process

The modular home building process is the most predictable construction process you can choose when building a new home. We never face weather delays, have to deal with material theft, and always know what stage your home is at in the building process. You can count on a reliable project schedule that will have you in your home on time and within budget every time.


Location and Facilities

We build each home in our climate-controlled, 60,000 sq. ft. factory in Spanish Fork, Utah. Our state-of-the-art construction facilities allow us to build your home to the highest quality possible.

Our location allows us to reduce the costs of getting your home to your site in the West to save you even more time and money.

Get the Home You Want with Irontown Homes