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Irontown Process

Irontown Homes is different from other factory built homes in that we offer each customer the flexibility and creativity to design every feature of your dream home. Building a home is a very exciting endeavor, so we want to introduce you to our procedure so we can make the process as exciting and smooth as possible. 

During this time, we want there to be realistic expectations knowing that you are planning a modular home and there are many details that must be considered in these planning stages.

Our Irontown Originals Prefab Plans Process

Our Irontown Originals Home Plans give homeowners the opportunity to choose a predesigned, pre-engineered plan and begin building sooner. These plans offer our fastest building times without compromising on our high quality standards.

Each one of our Irontown Original plans still allows the customer all of the same finish flexibility and feature selections. Once your permitting and selections are made, you are on the Fast Track to moving into your brand new home.

Building one of our Irontown Originals shortens the pre-construction process considerably to help you enjoy all the benefits of a modular home without the months and months it normally takes to get it.

Modular Home Plan Process

During this exciting phase you can let your creativity take over while your dream home becomes a reality on paper. During the shop drawing process there are two phases. First we work through the “preliminary plan phase” which begins with the basic floor plan, wall placement, module lines, elevations, window, door placement and basic structure details. Once every detail is perfect on your preliminary phase, we will begin the full set of plans. This is the technical side of the plans where details are added that allow precision during the building process. This includes many details on the floor plans, elevations, cross sections, electrical plan, mechanical plan and plumbing plan.

The most exciting part of designing your home is figuring out all of the features, styles, fixtures and color selections that come together to create your home. With Irontown, not one detail is missed. We begin with a standard selection package to reflect your style. Our expert design team works with you to explore the options and upgrades that are available and help you fit it within your budget. We have options available that can provide beautiful features but still keep the costs reasonable. We will walk you through every step of the process, so relax and enjoy!

Once the plans are approved and all changes have been made, they will be submitted to engineering. The state licensed engineer will perform the load calculations, determine the buildings structural requirements and provide the roof framing plan, floor framing plan, truss layout, foundation plan and structural detail (roof load, seismic elements, wind exposure & soil conditions (Geo-tech soils report & topo map must be provided in advance by the customer.) The final foundation detailed plan with footing sizes, widths, stem wall height, etc. will be determined during the engineering process.

Each home must go through a State Approval Process and a Local Building Department Approval in order to obtain your building permit. (Not required in Utah or Wyoming.) Irontown will handle the modular portion with the State Division, we can also handle your local department if you would prefer. Irontown will also prepare any Rescheck or Title 24 (energy conservation report) that may be required.

Whew! It may sound overwhelming to finally get to this stage, but a lot of the process happens without you even knowing about it. We have so many details that have to be decided prior to construction so that once production has begun your home can be constructed as quickly as possible. Once the home begins construction we will be in constant communication with you on the progress. You will also be able to view coverage of the home being constructed directly from our website, so you can share it with your friends and family. During construction, we will have inspections and payment draws that will occur and you are welcome to visit the factory any time you wish. We do require a final walk through at the completion in the factory.

Throughout the factory construction process, your general contractor can be working to prepare your home’s site. Upon factory completion, your home is shipped to your site and craned into place. Once your home is in place, all the site work and stitching can be completed in just weeks by your general contractor.

We are so excited to begin each new project and truly enjoy working together with you to be a part of your dream home. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and would love to make your