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Irontown Process

Irontown Homes is different from other factory-built homes in that we offer each customer the flexibility and creativity to design every feature of your dream home. Building a home is an exhilarating endeavor, so we want to introduce you to our procedure so we can make the process as exciting and smooth as possible.  

Many details must be considered in these planning stages. We will help set up realistic expectations. Let us answer your questions about your modular home. 

Our Irontown Originals Prefab Plans Process

Our Irontown Originals Home Plans allow homeowners to choose a predesigned, pre-engineered plan and begin building sooner. These plans offer our fastest building times without compromising on our high-quality standards.

Each of our Irontown Original plans allows you all of the same finish flexibility and feature selections. Once your permitting and selections are made, you are on the Fast Track to moving into your brand new home.


Building one of our Irontown Originals shortens the pre-construction process considerably to help you enjoy all the benefits of a modular home without the months and months it normally takes to get it.

Modular Home Plan Process

We are so excited to begin each new project and truly enjoy working together to be a part of your dream home. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and would love to make your dreams a reality.