Your Mid-Size Modular Factory Partner

Have a project with 20 to 40 modules that keeps getting turned down because it’s too small? Then You Have Found the Right Builder…

What We Build in Our 60,000 SQ FT Factory

50 Years of / Design / Build / Transportation / Experience

Mid size multi family/apartments

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multiple home developments

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High End park model rv (PMRV)

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Hospitality - short term rental cabins

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Hospitality - small / Medium Hotels

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High-Quality Commercial Construction

Service Areas: California // Colorado // Idaho // Montana // Nevada // Utah // Wyoming

Whether you’re interested in building a retail complex, luxury multi-family housing, a small hotel, or any other light commercial building, we’ll help you build faster and smarter so your building can start earning you a profit quicker.

Irontown has taken the next step in the evolution of modular construction by building high-end modular projects. With all of the resources to constuct the highest-quality, modular buildings at one controlled location, Irontown’s building method reduces material issues, waste, vandalism, time, and weather delays and saves you money.

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