Manufactured vs. Modular Homes

Permanent homes are by far the most commonly built type of home. However, there are also manufactured homes as well as modular ones. Not many people know the difference between the two.

We have provided a chart to compare manufactured homes vs. modular homes. Understanding the difference can help your decision be easier.


How Much Does a Modular Home Cost?

We get this question a lot: “How much does a modular home cost?” Just like any other home, the price varies per location, house size, taxes, etc. But we want to help answer the question a bit more. How Much Does a Modular Home Cost? Each company will have different set prices to begin with.…


Advantages of Modular Home Building

Modular home building is becoming more popular but still isn’t quite understood. There are advantages to modular homebuilding that on-site homebuilding does not have. Advantages of Modular Homebuilding 1. Shorter Construction Time One of the greatest advantages of modular home building is the reduced construction time. Modular homes usually take about 30% less time to…


What is a Permanent Modular Home Exactly?

Modular home building is becoming more popular because of its efficiency and eco-friendly nature. But, what is a permanent modular home exactly? What is a Permanent Modular Home Exactly? Modular homes are not exactly what most people picture them as–as small tiny home type houses that you can move anywhere you want. While modular homes…


Zeta Communities Inc. Closes California Modular Home Factory

Modular homebuilder Zeta Communities Inc. suddenly closed its Sacramento, Calif. Factory recently. Zeta Communities reported the closure to State of California last week. Buyers working with Zeta Communities will now have to look elsewhere to complete modular building projects. While demand for modular construction continues to rise, especially in California, options for building a modular…