The start of a legacy…

Over 50 years ago Irontown Homes and our custom modular philosophy started to form when Richard Valgardson was just a boy.  When he was 11 his father, Paul Valgardson, returned from World War II and bought a company located in Provo, Utah that specialized in house moving, and he named it Valgardson House Movers.  Richard was his father’s oldest child, so he helped his father move houses.  While he helped out he learned how to build homes and he saw firsthand the weaknesses of site construction.  He attended Brigham Young University, and then founded a construction company.  In 1987 he created Valgardson Housing Systems after his first company enjoyed many successful years.  This new company put together his home moving experience and his custom site construction knowledge.  Valgardson Housing Systems quickly became successful at producing modular homes, building more than 300 homes a year.  Richard created Irontown Homes when he realized that no factory in the industry offered clients the opportunity to design their own custom luxury home.

Irontown Homes is family owned, and many of the employees, such as the executives, begin experiencing the industry at a young age like Richard did.  As a company with family roots we are for our clients and wish to have a pleasant relationship with each family as we help them build their new home.  We specialize in building quality pre-fabricated homes that are customizable so each client can create their floor plan design and customize all the details of the home.  We provide our services to the entire western United States with quite a bit of experience in California’s high population areas.  Irontown Homes is designed to see your home building process through from the first day to the last with our own transportation company, stitch crew, and set crew.  We offer full service projects to ensure the whole process is done right.  There’s no need to worry about elements not matching up when just one company takes care of the factory building process and the site construction.  It will eliminate any on site surprises and confusion between the site contractor and the factory.  It will also do away with additional costs and hassles.

We recently opened a new cutting edge facility to increase productivity.  This facility allows us to streamline the building process to make it more efficient and less time consuming while saving our clients money.  This new factory operates differently than other factories by eliminating the standard production line assembly.  During the building process our homes are placed in their own designated locations where their custom designs are given the proper attention they deserve in order to create a high quality home.  Each home having a designated space guarantees your home will be built as soon as it can be, and the construction of the other homes in separate spaces will not delay your home in any way.

The production area of our new factory takes up 60,000 of the factory’s 66,000 square feet, which makes it four times bigger than the last factory’s production area.  The 45 foot ceilings and 180 foot span of overhead areas allows us to construct two-story structures with the stories on top of each other.  In the factory the homes are built to sit the way they will at your site, which eliminates building discrepancies at the site.  The factory’s large production area allows us to take on any project, regardless of size.

Come to our brand new facility and enjoy a tour.